Smoldering Hot Paddy OBrian Melts Randy Dixon!

A Falcon Studios Exclusive


Twilight gives way to darkness as Randy Dixon and exquisite Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian bid the day farewell on a patio overlooking the vineyards. Randy’s hands explore the hard, tan torso beneath Paddy’s shirt, and where those hands go, Randy’s mouth is sure to follow. His cheeks are hollow with suction as his mouth moves up and down Paddy’s fat shaft.  Soon all their clothing has been stripped off, offering tantalizing views of Paddy’s rippling abs and Randy’s spread bubble-butt. Randy scoots forward, leaning in for another kiss as Paddy drives his cock into Randy’s hole like a heat-seeking missile that just found its target. Feel the burn of that thick column driving long, deep and hard into Randy’s hole, then all the way out and back in again. Randy is the first to explode, then Paddy unleashes a massive facial cum shot, satisfying the recipient.

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