Solomon A Cocky Who Likes It Rough!


Did you grow up with a cocky jock who you secretly envied. Maybe he was a nice guy to you, but you figured he was super straight, and you would never stand a chance with him. Kind of full-of-himself, but not in too annoying of a way. Maybe he was so proud of his body that he would parade around the locker room nude, whipping his junk around?  Well the great thing about Solomon is he is that dude!  Solomon is  nearly perfect. His body is amazing, and the only visible flaws are some road rash from cycling, and few scratch marks on his back from some females drawing some blood.

And he likes it ROUGH. That's right, if you have ever wanted to trade blows with a smug hot straight guy, Solomon is here to make that fantasy come true. He loves pain. Getting punched, scratched, whipped. But fact is he is a REALLY NICE guy, but will back talk or goad you until you take a swing at him. He will sit there and gladly let you pound on him.  Getting a boner the entire time. 

His solo is intense. He is often looking at the video playing for him, but he finally takes an interest in the audience, then his own body.  The best part is when he discovered he could slide his cock head into his own ass. Wow that is hot to see!  Bryan thinks hecan get him to at least top, Stay tuned for a vicious little Edge video! Don't you wanna hear him scream, "Pineapple!"?

The XXX Tour

The XXX Tour



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