Sweet Hunk Tobin Nailed Raw By Taylor


As soon as Tobin came on board to do more work, Bryan knew he had to put him with Taylor. Only problem was, like most new guys, Tobin wanted to top his first time out.  Taylor is a pretty dominant guy and  makes a better Top than a Bottom. Tobin and Taylor both stay hard for the cock sucking. Tobin, though a bit "distant" and "checked out" sucks dick pretty good for it being his first cock, as well as it being one that is so large it practically flattens his luscious lips. Don't ya love it!

When Tobin saw how big Taylor's cock  was he was literally having high anxiety about having to take it. He was staying hard, but every couple minutes he would comment about how much it was going to hurt. Not whining, Tobin is no wuss, he just didn't think he could take.

While  we can't say Tobin looks like he is enjoying it, he no longer fears bottoming like most newbies do. Honestly, he took one of the fattest cocks on the site, so a few ouchie faces is to be expected.

It did take Tobin some time to nut, and in the interim Taylor's dick recharged and was ready to shoot again. So he adds his second load to Tobin's.  One hot segment guys.. yes indeed!


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