The Men Of Israel

A Classic Feature!


  Starring: Avi  Dar, Guy Roen, Johnathan Agassi, Matan Shalev, Morr Foxx, Naor Tal and Ninrod Gonen 

ISRAEL – a country of sun drenched beaches, breathtaking vistas, and the world's hottest men. A groundbreaking production, MEN OF ISRAEL takes you on a sexual journey exploring the strong and sensually provocative men of this nation. Lucas Entertainment's MEN OF ISRAEL features a fine selection of tanned and chiseled muscle hunks, showing of their gorgeous bodies and sexual prowess. MEN OF ISRAEL stars Jonathan Agassi, Avi Dar, Matan Shalev, Naor Tal, Guy Ronen, Morr-Foxx, and Ninrod Gonen and includes five hardcore sex scenes, filled with deep throat dick sucking, intense ass pounding, and more!


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