College Basketball Jock Harley At Fratmen.TV!

It’s hard to find a place to start with Fratmen’s new gorgeous baseball frat jock Harley. His face is pure, all American handsomeness. Where his mischievous and curious eyes draw you right into his daydreams. Then there’s that smile. A grin that will warm your heart and cause a stirring in your loins in anticipation of watching Harley strip down to nothing.

Kicking back on the couch with some porn on a mobile computer, Harley stares at the screen intrigued. We can’t see what’s on the monitor, but whatever it is, it sure has this sexy hunk’s undivided attention. He starts caressing his thick chest through his t-shirt, which soon cums off. He fondles his wonderful, tanned abs, eventually making his way into his shorts. Harley undoes them.

An uncut log of love is unleashed as the top of Harley’s shorts are now open. He flops his man meat across his belly, it’s length and girth becoming larger with each second. Harley likes to tease, so it’s a while before he pulls his shorts all the way off. When he does though, one feels as if they’ve been hit with a hunk hammer. An ass like that of a Greek statue presents itself in all it’s glory to us. Legs, with their thickly muscled thighs – made possible from outdoor sports such as baseball.

It’s shower time. It’s hard to believe that it’s possible for Harley’s perfect body to look even better, but as the water hits it, every nuance and striation is more alive. Stepping out of the stall in a towel, Harley makes his way to the bed, where he will proceed to bring his uncut dick to full mast and bless us with his healthy man load!

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