Paul and Sean Prince Twins At

Bryan don’t know which porn lord was smiling on him the day the Prince twins showed up but talk about a bonanza! WHOA DOGGIE. Meet Paul and Sean Prince, fraternal brothers by about a minute, and with only a small twist in genetic differences.  The two brothers are super cool, and you can tell that they’ve had it easy all their lives with girls and women throwing themselves at their feet. They both claim they hardly jack off. Usually when a dude claims they dont jack off, they’re not that good at showing off their bodies. But these two did just fine. 

Sure, we’d all love to see them jacking each other off, sucking, fucking, you name it, but it took quite a bit to get these two in the same room, despite having fucked girls at the same time.  Who knows, Bryan is of course am asking them to come back. Both these dudes are super hot, and are practically a mirror image, and their cumshots are super huge (and high!).

You’ll love this!! 

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CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour

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