Vander Takes Tobin To The Edge


Tobin Back By Very Popular Demand!

This is a pretty long Edge video but boy is it worth it.  Vander steps in to do the blow job this time. Vander is very cock hungry and struggles to get Tobin hard. The boy does not jack off and really seems a bit out of touch with his body. Kind of like he expects the girls to figure it out for him.  Vander and Bryan both tried all kinds of tricks.

And this is the truest of Edge videos. We had a guy who would not kiss, suck cock, nor put a toy in his butt. he grudgingly sucked Vander's bit cock (which is really hot cuz you can tell he is pushing his limits!) and we even have a little ass play and Vander cums all over the toy and fucks him with his load. (oops, shouldn't give away fantasy scenarios!)

Tobin as we know already is gorgeous and pristine, and Vander is a dirty boy, and its hot to see him use and abuse the tender 'lil Tobin. Vander had to work like a dog to make Tobin cum, and part of the reason the video runs long is Bryan wanted one steady shot showing how fucking hard and long Vander worked to make this boy nut.  Enjoy!

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Take The XXX Tour



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